Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

If you follow me on social media, especially Instagram, I’ve posted snippets of this book over the past couple weeks of doodles or great passages. And that’s because  I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK. not only because it combines two of my favourite things — Fight Club and Feminism — but also because it’s such an intricately fun read that goes by quickly, only to be slowed down because you keep wanting to reread passages. Or show your friends the drawings in the pages.

This book basically flips workplace sexism, which is far more common than I think people realize, and b asically creates a secret club for women or female identifying individuals to help fight it in healthy, substantial ways. It’s awesome. And while reading it, you have several “holy shit” moments because we’ve all encountered these kinds of men or even women in the work place. you know the ones — the mansplainers, the manterrupters, and the like who either explain something in mundane detail that either you just said or know extensively and the ones who like to interrupt you every 5 minutes with either something that is completely off track or is trying to take ownership of the conversation. Can I get an Amen to how freakishly annoying that is?

Also, total sidenote, I wish I read this book earlier in my 20s. It’s super relevant – and IMO, a necessary read for any young woman entering a corporate environment for the first time.  At one of my previous jobs, the rampant, underbelly sexism was astounding. For example, I was told by a coworker and my former boss that, in short, I was only hired for the size of my ass as well as how i looked in a dress. Amongst other things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on the internet. And because moms (hi mom!). I almost filed a lawsuit against the company but before I took a better job, I ended up leaving all the women there gift baskets with notes about what to expect from certain coworkers and what would make them shut up efficiently. And the stuff I encountered wasn’t even the worst examples I could provide. Anyway, that just goes to show how relevant this book is.

But this book is amazing. It’s an easy read that you won’t want to put down. You’ll relate, I’m sure, to at least 85% of it and wish you could start your very own Feminist Fight Club. It’s full of real life examples and great ways to “fight the man” in real life that don’t feel overtly weird or uncomfortable. I think that’s the thing i like the most about this book. Though the subject matter is a little uncomfortable, it makes ways to implement making your voice heard realistic in a total non self help book kind of way.

So long story short? Pick up this book if you’ve ever wondered how to shut down a mansplainer effectively. Pick this book up if you’ve ever needed reassurance that female friendships are in fact the most powerful force. Or even, pick this book if you have no idea what I’m talking about and you want to learn more.

Feminist Fight Club is hilarious, poignant, and relevant to today’s societal influences. It’s an amazing read that’s informative and fantastic. Pick it up wherever books are sold.

Favourite Quote: Even Beyonce had an alter ego-Sasha Fierce-to help her develop into a more confident stage performer….acting confident, even if it’s an act, will not only convince others that you’re competent, it can lead to actual confidence. If you can’t do it for yourself, try doing it for your alter shego — and hype the shit out of her. 


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