Joshua Radin’s album ‘The Fall’

First of all, let me start this by saying I hardly ever buy music anymore unless I have a gift card. I mean, why would I when there’s Spotify and Pandora and I Heart Radio? There’s so many options! 

Anyway, my boyfriend’s aunt recently gave me an iTunes gift card for Christmas and I’m finally getting around to using it. I was going through the iTunes Store trying to figure out what music to get while also using the Shazam app on my phone to remember the songs I loved on the radio. And I realized that one of my favourite artists, Joshua Radin, just came out with a new album! I’m obsessed with his last album, Wax Wings, which I picked up while he was touring with Matt Nathanson a couple years ago. 

Anyway, I listened to some of the songs before purchasing and after hearing the song ‘Song For You’, I knew I needed it, immediately. He’s not currently signed to any record label so he’s totally independent.which in my opinion, is commendable. After growing up in different parts of CA, the entertainment industry is beyond tough and being successful without any standard representation is just impressive.  And I’m in love with his voice. Is that weird? Whatever. 

I think my favourite songs on the album have to  either be  ‘Song For You’ or ‘Diamonds’. They’re so adorable and lovey and wonderful. It makes me remember why falling in love is so special. But the entire album is beautifully acoustic and you need it right away. Download it legally and listen to it on repeat forever. You won’t regret it.

Plus, when he goes on tour again, buy tickets. He’s absolutely hilarious and so incredibly genuine with his stories, music, and personality in general. 

favourite lyrics: made yourself into one of those girls/who makes her own diamonds/bright diamonds and pearls/now you’re shining as you whirl 


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