George Michael — Seriously, 2016?

As I’m sure you all have heard, George Michael passed away yesterday — on Christmas Day none the less! — in Oxfordshire, England. We still don’t know causes or why the hell 2016 has decided to take so many great artists far too soon. I am not a fan of this year. Anyway.

I’ve done these sorts of posts in the past when a great artist whom influenced me growing up and I’ll continue to do the same with George Michael. Growing up, WHAM! and George Michael were great ways to get excited and stoked and have social commentary on the current world with a great beat in the background.

And who can forget that great scene in Zoolander where they’re drinking orange mocha frappachinos and get into a freak gasoline fight accident? WHAM! and George Michael have been both at the forefront of our dance club and movie soundtracks for quite literally, decades. And when George Michael broke off to go off on his own, we have songs like Faith, Freedom! 90, and Father Figure. 

The thing I always remember about George Michael’s music is the way it just made you feel. You got enwrapped in his music, like nothing else was happening around you, and you really felt every emotion as well as every part of the music. And nobody can deny just dancing around in their bedroom to WHAM! You’re lying to yourself if you deny it.

Rest in Peace, George Michael. What the hell, 2016. And can we also say 3 posts in a week?!


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