Christmas Eve Cheer

Guys. Guys. IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE. And I am literally writing this while en route to Southern California to visit family & friends. I’m way too excited right now. And way too stressed out about whether or not people will enjoy their gifts or not. But as they say, it’s in Santa’s hands right now and not mine. Plus, I like to think I’m a great gift giver but I’m sure some would disagree. Whatever.

So thought I’d share how I love starting Christmas morning. I’ve never really had a traditional one where you wake up, dash to the tree, and open gifts with the speed of a tazmanian devil on a serious dose of uppers. I’ve always been traveling to family or something. But in recent years, my immediate family and I have been taking it easy and opening one or two gifts prior to the crazy of an extended celebration that afternoon.

But personally? I’m all about a hot cup of caffeine, some Christmas music, and people watching. I love sitting out on the deck, overlooking balboa island, and reminiscing about the year has brought.  I love the holidays. They may cause me serious anxiety on whether I packed the right things or if I forgot a gift at home, but I love the coming together, the inevitable kitchen disasters that’ll make for a story down the road, and the cheer. I love taking a moment Christmas morning just for me so I can reflect, be thankful, and meditate. And I enjoy peppermint on everything. I will eat you under the table in Christmas food and I don’t care in the slightest. After all, my diet starts tomorrow, right?

Anyway, I hope your holidays are filled with love, hoiliday cheer, and everything you wanted on your Christmas list. I hope youre surrounded by family and loved ones. And if you’re working this Christmas season, more power to you.


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