Give A Care Tea

So if you know me in real life, you’re probably aware that I’ve lost more than a few people to cancer. WHether it was breast, lung, Hodgkins, leukemia…..the list goes on. Without any exaggeration, I hate cancer. And cannot wait for it to be successfully eradicated, in all of its strains. So because of this, i’m always looking for fun nonprofits and organizations to donate to that actually give a large portion of their proceeds to funding research. And no, this doesn’t include Susan G. Komen. I’m talking about organizations like National Breast cancer and the like that breakdown where they’re sending hte money to and how it’s helping real people.

I recently stumbled upon this non-profit from Canada that’s called REthink Breast Cancer. I was intrigued because recently, I had a friend find a lump in her breast and we’re still waiting on test results to see if it’s benign or not. And the really fun thing about Rethink Breast Cancer is more than just the great products that they have. They also have phenomenal resources for people who just got diagnosed, are going through chemo, or just went into remission. Additionally, each product you purchase comes with a great guide of how to literally check yourself for lumps or masses that need a doctor’s attention immediately.

Additionally, ReThink is mostly geared towards young women who are diagnosed in hopes of fostering early detections and regular annual screenings. After doing some research on my own, I decided to buy some of their loose leaf herbal tea (which i’m drinking while I write this!) and some headache balm that’s basically doused in essential oils from their brand called ‘Give A Care’. You can see more of their products here and learn more about the organization here.

The tea is called ‘I-don’t-want-to-have-this-conversation-either-but-it’s too-late-i-already-made-the-tea” and after reading that title, i knew i had to have it. Having conversations with someone who either was recently diagnosed themselves or know someone close to them is always strange, awkward, and nothing right is ever said. Most of their products have fun names like this that directly correlate to experiences as a young person and being diagnosed with cancer.

If you can, check out the website and buy a few products or donate a few dollars if you can. Chances are, you know someone with cancer and all the money to getting rid of this horrendous disease is not without great thanks. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and get ready for more posts coming soon!


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