Texas State Fair

So I went to the State Fair on a team bonding event earlier this week and was slightly out of my comfort zone. I’ve never had a good experience at a state fair or fair of any sort so going here wasn’t exactly something I was looking forward to. But I went with an open mind and it was surprisingly more fun than I thought it’d be. Mostly because of the people watching and the fact that there was literally¬†deep fried everything.

And when I mean everything, I mean there was fried butter. And fried Coke. And fried cookie dough. It was a bit absurd but you have to try it. After all, you’re at the Texas State Fair. Also, this place is freaking huge. It’s at the Cotton Bowl and the surrounding area. We were there for a few hours and I still don’t think we saw it all. There were rides, food, car shows, and so much more. Apparently, there was even a 1200 pound pig.

Though I’m glad I went, I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. Too many people and not enough air conditioning. But if you’re new to Texas like I am, I highly suggest you go! It’s definitely an experience.

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