The Songs That Always Get Me

So, as I’m sure it’s evident by now, I’m almost always on the hunt for new music. I love that first moment when you fall in love with a new band that just seems to get it. It’s a feeling unlike most anything and it’s almost exhilerating to find a new band that you just vibe with, even if there’s no chance that you’ll actually meet the band in person anytime soon. But this post isn’t about any new band that I’ve discovered lately. It’s about the songs and some musicians that always seem to be there, even when I move or change or grow in some way. These are the songs that always seem to be there when I need them, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve listened or the amount of times they’ve been on repeat throughout the years.

My best friend actually recommended I do a post on this because of our shared love of Josh Groban, 90s music, and the like. So here goes!

  1. “The Only One” by Tracy Chapman. Close seconds are “Fast Car” or her album called Telling Stories. But this song, whenever it comes on, I’m always reminded of the people I’ve lost and how I’m always left questioning “Does heaven have enough angels yet?” every single time. This song will make me cry and feel a wide array of emotions every single time.
  2. “Little Things” by One Direction No shame, I love One Direction. Especially if I need to reminisce about boy bands and not feel old for listening to the ones from the 90s. But I think this song was the one that solidified it for me. Because it put into words all the things I’m self conscious about in a relationship and that i really am worthy. Cliche and overdramatic? Possibly. It’s still true though. Plus, the music video is so simply stunning, especially for a boy band
  3. “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson. I freaking love Kelly Clarkson. There are so many songs of hers that I am in love with. Another favourite that always gets me is “Good Goes the Bye”. These two songs basically are all about how sometimes saying goodbye you care about immensely, albeit difficult, sometimes really is the best thing for your sanity and for your life. And though I can’t relate to her story of a father walking out on her at an early age, I can relate to the sentiment of friends or loved ones walking out for seemingly no reason and the pain that always seems to linger a little longer than desired. But it’s all about picking up the pieces, no matter how long it takes to do so. And once you find someone who restores your faith in love and happiness, it’s a feeling unlike anything else. This song will always make me cry.
  4. “Home” by Blue October. I’ve written about this song before, here, and it felt apt to include it in this post. It’s a stunning song that always reminds me that home isn’t always necessarily a place but a feeling you get. And no matter how much things change or how difficult they may get, home is always where the heart is. It’s always where you can come, broken or in full. Home is where you feel revitalized and like you can take on the world.
  5. “Dumb It Down” by Lupe Fiasco. I’ve always loved hip-hop to get me pumped for a game or for a tournament. But only recently did I start looking for the songs that actually had a message. I was tired of Lil John or the Ying Yang Twins because I look terrible getting low and still can’t shake it like a salt shaker. And like fate would have it, I stumbled upon Lupe Fiasco. This song is probably my favourite because he takes on all my qualms with the rap industry and how ‘dumbing it down’ may make you more money but it won’t help your conscious when you have a platform where you can speak out. And this song does it perfectly while still getting you hyped.

Clearly, there are more songs that dive deep into my soul but these ones top out the list every time. Let me know your thoughts and what your go to songs are!


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