Beautiful You by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk is by far one of my favourite authors. If you haven’t read his book Fight Club, you absolutely need to. And don’t come to me with that BS that you’ve already seen the movie. Read the book. The ending is completely different. That reason alone should give you want to read it. Anyway. Moving On.

A while ago, I started reading Beautiful You because I was shocked there was a book by Palahniuk that i hadn’t read it. But then I knocked a glass of water on the book and wrecked the pages. #klutz. So I picked up another copy and continued on. First world problems, I know. But this book is absolutely ridiculus.

If you’ve read anything by him, you know Palahniuk’s novels often reach into subjects that are either taboo, socially unacceptable, or just completely out there. And Beautiful You is absolutely no different. The novel follows the protagonist, Penny Harrigan, on her journey from seemingly normal lawyer life to sex toy research and trying to take over the world of female pleasure. But this is not without the help, or rather direction, of a guy named Maxwell. He basically is the antagonist from hell. He injects nanobots into people through sex toys for Christ sake.

The book is over the top and ridiculous but all the same, you can’t stop reading. It’s in his style of writing that makes you keep wanting to know more. To know what happens next. To see how Penny and Maxwell battle it out and whether or not the world will be safe from a sex crazed society. But to be frank, the novel seems to take a darker note as well.

Beautiful You seems to satirize consumerism and how it escalates rather quickly without any provocation. But even though it sounds absurd and a little concerning, I promise it’s a good read. It’s a really interesting take into something not maybe people talk or discuss outside their social circles. And I’m pretty sure Chuck Palahniuk is the only author who’d really be able to deliver this novel properly. While not my favourite book of his, it was definitely worth the read. And I’d still recommend it.


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