When You’re Sick…

So i’ve been out of town most of last week and came down with a nasty cold over the weekend that I’m still recovering from. To be frank, I sound like an old lady who’s been smoking for 30 years. Which is better than the one who’d been doing so for 80 like I did over the weekend. Anyway, this is what always makes me feel better when I come home and rest.

A blanket fort, burrito, or just engulfed in them 

A large cup of herbal tea with lemon & honey 

A good binge worthy series on Netflix or any comedy including Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller 

These may seem nothing short of stellar or revolutionary but they work. I promise I’ll be updating more once I’m all the way better. I’m putting together some great ideas like desk necessities, and more for next week!

Stay tuned loves

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