Favourite Coffee Shops to Date

Over the years, people have always asked what coffee shops I recommend and though i have a few favourites in every city I’ve lived in, these are always the first places I highly recommend first and foremost.

1. Café Vita in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA

I love this spot. It’s from Seattle originally so you know the coffee’s good but what really drew me to this spot in silver lake was not only the fact that it was close to both my apartments or that i was on a first name basis with the entire staff, but because it was reliably consistent. They made a damn good latte. And the staff was always friendly. Plus, there was almost always an open table to work at AND it was pet friendly too. Score!

2. The Roasterie in Kansas City, MO

I’ve written about this spot before here but it deserves another mention. The staff is great, the beans are brewed well, and they use fair trade companies as sources. If you’re in the brookside neighbourhood, highly recommend!

3. Metronome Coffee in Tacoma, WA

I went to college in Tacoma at The University of Puget Sound where I was surrounded by wannabe hippies, hipsters, and PNW flannel at its finest. Metronome opened the summer before my senior year and it’s super artsy fartsy but it’s a great place to study, collaborate, and even read.

4. Bow Truss Coffee in Chicago, IL

I am utterly obsessed with this small chain of coffee shops in Chicago. They have strong coffee, great interior decor, and space to sprawl out and do some work. It’s a really fun spot, I frequented the one in Lakeview almost weekly when I spent some time in Chicago. And I couldn’t stop. Until I moved.

And there you have it! The list is always growing and I’m always looking for more recommendations. Especially here in the Dallas area. If you’re a local DFW resident, send them my way! The more local, the btter

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