‘Let It Go’ by James Bay

This song is pure magic. The singer is almost angelic and I just might have spent $1.29 on it because i needed it. Clearly. I first heard it on the radio and absolutely wept. In a good, uncertain way. But in a good way all the same. It’s a magical song that’s pure bliss with an acoustic guitar.

Plus, the music video is just dark enough that you don’t mind listening to it or watching it in a coffee shop. Because it just feels perfect. Anyway, maybe I’m PMSing a little bit but that’s a sidenote. It’s a perfect song for a rainy day at home, covered in blankets and snuggling up to a loved one. Or the great song that just feels right at your favourite coffee shop. It’s catharsis in a song and you can’t help but sing along, even if you’re terribly off key like I am.

Throughout the song, you can’t help but feel like it’s about a past relatiohsip that’s just run its course. Nobody to blame but love fizzling out. ANd you can tell there’s still quite a bit of love and respect between and for both parties involved. It’s a love song that isn’t one at all. At least not in a cliche sense.

And it got me thinking about what my mother always told me. That matters of the heart are always complicated. It wants what it shouldn’t have and disregard what is right for it. It hardly ever feels like what is depicted in the movies and it hardly ever is perfect. But it can be right for who’s involved. As you can probably tell, my mom taught me a lot about love and how absurdly confusing it can be at times. But once you’ve found it, you can’t stop fighting for it.

It also makes me think about past relationships that were never good for me but I thought I was in love so I stayed longer than I should have. And this song puts perfectly into words how it felt when I finally made the decision to just walk away. It was painful and it was hard but it was worth it in the end.

I feel like that’s what this song is trying to convey. Love is never perfect, it’s often complicated and confusing. But if you fight for it and you walk away when you need or have to, it can be perfect for you.

Favourite lyric: Everything’s that’s broke/Leave it to the breeze/Why don’t you be you/And I’ll be me


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