‘Home’ by Blue October

So I’m writing this on a jet plane that’ll land in Vegas and then we’ll join my boyfriend’s parents on a 3 hour drive to Los Angeles. And I could not be more excited to going home to California, even if it’s just for a few days.

We’ll be celebrating his nephew’s first birthday, surrounded by family and friends. It’ll be a grand time. And I’m sitting here 3000 feet in the air in a steel box with wings, listening to one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands. It almost makes me want to cry, in a good way, that I’ll be in my home state. Where I went through so many changes, experienced so many things, and where I grew.

This isn’t to say I don’t love Dallas. It just hasn’t become home yet. Because I haven’t fully made it one yet. Listening to ‘Home’ by Blue October reminds me that home for so many people constitutes a slew of emotions. For me, it’s always the one place that no matter how long it’s been, it still feels comfortable. Like your favourite broken in pair of jeans. And that though you have changed, that place hasn’t. It’s a place you can keep coming back to, still welcoming you with open arms.

And the music video for ‘Home’ is heartwrenchingly beautiful. Watch it here on Youtube. The lead singer has clearly been through some tough times and home was the one place where things always made sense. Check it out, listen to the song, and you’ll fall a little bit more in love.

Favourite lyric: It’s the little things that make a home.

What does home mean for you?


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