Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

I’m sure you’ve heard of this novel, especially if you follow Reese Witherspoon on any form of social media. It follows the tale of a man and a boy who are the only survivors of a plane crash on its way to New York City from Martha’s Vineyard. Everyone, including the boy’s family, died on the plane. And I thought it was going to be like most other mysteries I’ve read where I’m able to guess the ending about half way through. But with Before The Fall, I was kept guessing the whole way through.

It’s a damn good read that’ll keep you up. Noah Hawley does a wonderful job of intertwining the drama of the deceased with the difficulties of surviving something so inexplicably complicated like a plane crash. And after what happened with the Malaysian plane as well as a few other news worthy crashes around the world, this book seems to dive into why it happens. ANd why we’re so fascinated with lone survivors.

The still living protagonists are a middle age painter and a young boy who deal with the aftermath in their own way. One throws himself into work and the other stops talking all together. It’s a powerful read and will make you question a lot of things about the rich and powerful. Especially the power of money and its hold over people.

The stories of the deceased and the living blend wonderfully together. And throughout the novel, you learn that one story is not complete without the other revolving parts. Before the Fall truly demonstrates how connected we are as people and how focused we are on the taboo when we should be focused on the good.

This book will keep you guessing. I can promise you that. And it’s a powerful, intricate read. Borrow this from the library or pick it up from a local, independent book store. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Favourite Quote: Was it possible? Could anyone be Superman if they just put their mind to it? If they were willing to do what it took? Whatever it took? 


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