The New Britney Spears Album….and Why I Love Her

I love Britney Spears. I’ve loved her music when I was a kid, an awkward teenager, and when I was having mental breakdowns. Honestly, there are no words to justify how much I look up to Godney. Now, before you ask, yes I do know about her meltdown in 2007/2008. And i respect the hell out of her for it.

Mental health is a HUGE debacle in this country and coupled with the fact that she was going through a terrible divorce, she’s ridiculously famous, and trying to come to terms with the fact that she had an undiagnosed illness, she’s a BAMF in my book for dealing with her illness so publicly and explosively. But more importantly? She came back. 

She took a few years off, got her shit together, and came back like nobody i’ve ever seen before. She got ridiculed at the VMAs at the beginning because she gained weight and had already lost some from previous years. Now, she has a show in Vegas, custody of her kids again, and a seemingly healthy life – according to social media at least. She’s fucking thriving. And I love it.

So naturally, when she released her new album ‘Glory’, I had to buy it. True, I waited a couple days because I was too lazy to update the payment info on iTunes but whatever. Even the first song ‘Invitation’ is a gem. Her voice may be slightly nasealy but i can look past that. Britney has always made me want to dance, sing, and believe in larger than life things again. My favourite song just might be either ‘Clumsy’ or ‘Make Me’. They’re just sultry enough to turn you on yet innocent enough to grace the Top 40 charts. Good combination in today’s over saturated entertainment industry

But really, it’s been years since Britney Spears has released an album. SHe’s been shuttling back between Vegas & LA, doing a residency in the former and raising her kids in the latter. She’s a real comeback story if i’ve seen one. And this album lives up to its name. Its absolutely glorious.

Though not the deepest or the most personal of albums, it’s still a decent comeback album that’ll make you want to dance

Favourite lyric: Nobody should have to be alone 


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