Mudsmith Coffee

So Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I were running errands before going to a celebratory brunch and we decided to get some coffee. He originally recommended Houndstooth Coffee but since I’d already been there, we decided to try Mudsmith Coffee instead, which happened to be just down the street.

And oh boy. This place is the pure definition of Texan Hipster. The tables are made of reclaimed wood, they have reusable mugs if you’re sticking around, and there’s mounted deer heads on the wall. It’s a little creepy at first but the coffee’s good, the cranberry muffins are delicious, and you don’t want to punch the baristas. Overall, pretty good experience.

I got the KC special, a latte with caramel and vanilla, and my boyfriend got a cappuccino. Since we’re a little nauseating, we also split a cranberry something or other muffin and it was fantastic. We bonded with a few other people there too over whether or not you should leave your laptop exposed for long periods of time.

overall, I’d recommend this place. It’s in super fun part of Dallas that i want to spend more time exploring and they’re dog friendly too. Their coffee also doesn’t wreak havoc on your digestive system, if you catch my drift. It’s a good spot and I can totally imagine myself doing some work there or catching up on a book.



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