My Three Favourite Bookstores

I really shouldn’t be allowed in bookstores alone or right after a paycheck. I can, will, and probably have spent an entire paycheck. Or at least get lost there for hours. Growing up, my mom and her family always were avid readers. SO naturally, I became one too. And they always supported shopping at a bookstore over the internet. Why? Because bookstores are unfortunately not as popular or prevalent as they once were. And we always like the more independent ones because shopping local and supporting your community is an amazing feeling.

Over the years, I’ve been to dozens, if not hundreds, of bookstores. So naturally, I have a few favourites.  If there’s a bookstore in my neighbourhood, I HAVE to stop in. It’s like an addiction, but way better and still hazardous for my pay check. Over the years, here are three of my favourite independent book stores.

  1. Skylight Books – Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA
    1. When I was living in Los Angeles, this was down the street from my favourite brunch spot as well as both my apartments. THere’s a fantastic tree inside complete with a seating area AND A CAT. It’s the epitome of Los Angeles hipster style with independent books. There’s always local writers or poets being highlighted and they have some pretty great events weekly or montly as well.  The staff are well versed and hilarious. I don’t think I ever walked out empty handed. And I went there a lot.
  2. Left Bank Books – Pike’s Place Market, Seattle, WA
    1. When I was going to school just outside Seattle, I always stopped by here when I was at Pike’s. It’s so stereotypical and cozy.  I highly recommend. It’s a little stuffy but the smell of books literally draws you in and you can’t help but think you’re tucked away with Shakespeare or one of the literary greats.
  3. Barnes & Nobles– everywhere
    1. Though not independent at all, Barnes & Nobles is the first bookstore I got a membership at. It will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart and it’s so hard not to get lost here. Plus, they always have such a wide selection and it’s perfect for last minute gifts.

What are some of your favourite book stores? Let me know in the comments!

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