Why Tea?

Over the years, I’ve had several people ask me why I prefer tea over coffee – though, I still enjoy a good cup of coffee with honey-and I never really had an answer for it until now. Tea and a nice warm cup of it is some sort of magic.

Plus, who doesn’t love getting cozy and idealize the imagery of being curled up in a warm blanket in front of a fire with good friends too? Meeting someone at a coffee shop for something warm and cozy is the next best thing. Plus, it usually makes for some really great people watching too.

Also, there are so many different kinds of tea out there that can do so many good things for you too. And technically speaking, it has more caffeine than coffee but also doesn’t because it’s watered down. But chamomile, oolong, and ginger tea all have great benefits-whether it’s a placebo effect or not-which can be really great.

But what it really comes down to is that it gives me warm fuzzies inside. It makes starting the day just a little bit easier and a little bit more fun as well. It gives me a moment of clarity and peace inside. ANd it’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.


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