Blink 182, A Day to Remember, and All American Rejects

Sweet mother of pearl, this was an amazing concert. My boyfriend and I bought tickets back in May because after all, who wouldn’t want to see the bands you grew up live, finally? Anyway, it was at a great venue and we were just off the right side of the stage. Great seats with a perfect view. And there was a trex in the mosh pit too. Speaking of which, they even had mosh pit rules on the screens to make sure everyone was safe and uninjured.

We got there about half way through the All American Rejects set but we caught their songs ‘Move Along’ and ‘Give You Hell’, two of my favourite songs by them. And they were hilarious on stage too, it was awesome.

A Day to Remember was pretty alright, they engaged the crowd pretty well but I unfortunately don’t know their songs well so I couldn’t sing along. And it was a little too screamo for me but whatever.

Then there was Blink 182. SO FANTASTIC. So worth the money and I sang, danced, and had a grand time. If you haven’t seen these guys live before, you need to. It’s almost a necessity and I’m so glad we went. Perfect way to spend a Friday night. Plus we ran into some friends I play football with.  It was lovely.

So all in all, it was a great night and I’m still riding that great after concert feeling.


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