Fidalgo Bay Coffee

So I’m here in Orlando, FL for a work training and man, is it humid and a little stormy. But the conference is full of great information and some interesting people. Plus, the teacher looks like a beardless Santa. Awesome!

Anyway, we ended class early today and I decided to look for a local coffee shop to treat myself a little. So I ventured onto Yelp and found Fidalgo Bay Coffee. It was down the street in the lobby of another hotel (surprisingly in the same chain as the one I’m staying in). So naturally, due to its location, it wasn’t super snazzy 3/or anything but it seemed to have at least some flair to it which was nice.

I ordered a go to, a hazelnut latte, and was unfortunately disappointed. Maybe it’s because I’m still fighting the tail end of a stomach bug or maybe it was too warm for a non iced drink but something about the latte just felt off. It was a good way to get out of the hotel room for a bit though and enjoy the outdoors.


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