Off To Orlando!

So I’m going to Orlando today for a few days for training and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been in and out of airports for what feels like my whole life so I feel like I’ve got the whole thing down. And it’s actually pretty relaxing for me. So what exactly do I do when I get to kick it in an airport, waiting for a flight?

  1. Caffeine. I don’t care if it’s green, chamomile, or black. I need some form of tea. Or coffee if it’s early enough.
  2. Food. Could just be a snack or something easy. But that way i feel like I won’t get hangry.
  3. Reading material. I’m that girl who brings three books on a work trip because I know I’ll still have down time and it’s a great time to catch up on books.
  4. Music. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Obviously, this doesn’t account for travel necessities like luggage, but these always make me feel way more relaxed while waiting for a flight. What are some of your tricks?

Now, wish me luck, it’s my first work trip!


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