Favourite Coffee Shop Orders

It’s been a crazy week here in the states and an equally crazy Thursday night here in Dallas. So much sadness happening and I’m still not sure how much exactly one person can do. But anyway, onto happier things today. People have always asked what I normally get at a coffee shop and to be honest, it varies depending on my mood and what time I’m going to Starbucks. But here are a few of my regulars.

  1. Nonfat latte – usually either vanilla, hazelnut, or my recent favourite, lavender honney.
  2. Green tea (sometimes black if it’s early enough and I don’t feel like a latte).
  3. Some blending latte concoction

Usually, I try to stay with something that i can’t make at home or else, it isn’t really a treat, is it? I love hazelnut, lavender, and vanilla flavourings the most since they’re not super overpowering. But I’m willing to try new drinks.

Just nothing iced. I still can’t hop onboard that train-it just tastes too watery for me! What are some of your go to drinks at your local shop?

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