Zander Bleck: An Interview


I first discovered Zander Bleck when a friend send me his video for “Dirty Love Song” and it was a song unlike anything I’d heard before. His voice reminded me of artists I loved growing up. It’s a little Freddie Mercury with a smidge of Led Zepplin grit and poured over a touch of hipster. But it works, I promise. You can’t exactly put into words what his voice or his presence reminds you of but it’s a form of rock n roll with a modern twist. And you can’t stop listening, nor do you want to take a break.

Anyway, enough with the imagery. Can you also tell I miss going to shows? So, in an effort to know a rock n roll star, I reached out over Instagram in hopes that I’d even get some sort of response. Even if it was a pleasant decline. And as luck would have it, he was interested. I told him a little about the blog, what Earl Gray Times was trying to do and the below interview was born. He’s a pleasant guy and I can’t wait to see just how far he goes in the gnarly music industry.

 Let’s get started!

Why music? 

Music has been a vivid part of my life since I was a child.  It’s always evoked so much emotion, imagination and creativity to tell a story through song.  It’s been a tremendously rewarding journey 

What was the transition from modeling to music? 

Modeling was really just a way to pay the bills to pay for my band.  They are both extremely competitive fields so it helped create a certain confidence and thick skin.   Actually, nowadays, the two industries are more linked than ever

Biggest letdown so far? Greatest bragging moment?

Oh man… So much of this business is Letdowns.  But only if you look as them as let downs!  Every “letdown” has led to me to a bigger and better opportunity.  I will say.. Friends you believed were your friends when times are good are definitely the biggest letdown.

Best place you’ve played so far? 

I love performing at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA

Favourite way to prep for a gig? How do you prep for a gig? 

I drink a lot of water, go for a jog, no coffee, and maybe a bit of meditation

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The Beatles. Their melodies and lyrics were so infectious. Ill wake up on any given morning with a random B sides in my head.  Just last week “I’m fixing a hole”.
What are you working on now that you wanna brag about?

What I am currently working on is what I’ve waited my whole career to release.  It is my finest work.

Tea or coffee? How do you take it? 

Coffee, black.

Though he looks like he belongs on the cover of Vogue instead of Rolling Stone, it’s clear Bleck is incredibly passionate about the music he creates. He’s the kind of artist that lives and breathes his work. The industry is cruel so hopefully he’ll be able to keep some of that wonderful energy that the industry so truly needs.

So here’s to the music that moves us and the artists that create it. May they always be just as passionate as the day they started and may we always raise our hands in tune with the beat.

And keep an eye out! He’s got something spectacular coming soon and you won’t want to miss it.


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