Celebrate by Lauren Conrad

Oh, LC. I quite possibly have one of the largest girl crushes on Lauren Conrad. Ever since her days on that MTV reality show called Laguna Beach, I’ve secretly wanted to be her. Or at least replicate her life somehow. She’s just so effortlessly classic and Californian, it’s wonderful. And I’d love to get brunch with her someday.

ANyway, her latest book is called Celebrate and it’s all about celebrating the little things in life with a great bash surrounded by great friends and wonderful company. It makes me wish I had a home large enough to throw adequate dinner parties and lavish get togethers. But my apartment right now just won’t allow it unfortunately, much to my boyfriend and I’s dismay. It’s unfortunate, really.

This book is an easy read and after the last book I finished, I needed a reason to celebrate.It’s fun, quirky, and an easy guide to celebrating. Plus, it’s filled with quips about her regular life and what it’s really like to be married to your best friend. Plus, the more insight i have into her life, the more I can dream of replicating it in my own way.

Conrad’s style of writing is similar to that of a good friend with a lot of experience to boot. It’s a wonderful bedside or coffee table read. ANd you’ll pick up a lot of great ideas of how to throw your next bash, whether it be a bridal shower or a brunch or even a wedding.



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