Common Grounds – Waco, TX

As part of my birthday weekend, my boyfriend and I drove down to Austin for the day with a pitstop in Waco to stop by one of my favourite home rennovation stores called The Magnolia Market. You may have heard of it if you watch HGTV. Chip and Joanna Gaines, owners of Magnolia, also have their own show called “Fixer Upper”. If you haven’t watched it, it’s on Netflix and IT’S FANTASTIC. But that’s another story for a different day.

When we were in Waco and about to head down to Austin, we realized we needed to get caffeinated as we hadn’t had nearly enough for the 2 hour drive ahead of us. So we Yelped it and found a spot called Common Grounds. It’s right by Baylor University with terribly confusing parking but it’s got a fun, hip vibe-almost something you’d expect to find in Austin or Berkeley or parts of LA. You can definitely tell it’s aimed at collegians with its funkiness and comfortable chairs.

But what sold me was that they had an outdoor area with a stage and seating, supposedly for local music or poetry readings. Whatever the kids are doing these days at their hipster coffee shops….But it was just a great vibe. Something you want to have at your local shop.

I decided to go with their ‘Soy Boy’, which was surprisingly good. It’s got their house brew, some secret sauce, and soy milk. My boyfriend got the ‘Heisman’, which is a blended mint mocha type drink. Both were good! Not sure how i feel about the sweetness of either but still good all the same.

Common Grounds is definitely a place I could imagine working at if I was in the Waco area. Plenty of seating, strong coffee, and a fun, informative barista staff. Plus, they have awesome ‘for here’ mugs! Quite an eclectic but large selection. It’s awesome. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest it. Just leave ample time to get to know the parking lot.




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