Bob Schneider & The Rustic

So this past week was my birthday but unfortunately it was on a Thursday so I wasn’t expecting to really do anything on the day of my birthday besides maybe a good dinner and some cake. But the football league I joined was throwing a benefit concert at this great venue in Dallas called The Rustic. And let me tell you, it was awesome. Perfect for a small show and it was outdoors with string lights, wood picnic tables, and a fun vibe. Plus, I think there was cornhole somewhere as well. Which is apparently HUGE in Texas.

The headliner was someone by the name of Bob Schneider, who’s from Austin, and he’s got a country vibe which usually isn’t really my thing. But it was fun to dance to and if I knew the words, I’m sure I would have sang along.

But over all, it was a great night surrounded by wonderful people, live music, and great food. What more can a girl ask for on the day she gets another day older? If you’re in the Dallas area, check out the Rustic. They have a great avenue, local artists who’ll headline, and a fun atmosphere to kick back with friends and enjoy the music scene. I highly recommend.



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