Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Favourites

You know you’ve found a great man when he texts to say “hey babe, i couldn’t remember what kind of coffee bean tea you like most so I got you three that i know you mentioned”. He’s a keeper, guys.

After he moved in, he brought English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Scottish Breakfast. All solid choices but nothing compares to their Winter Dream tea, obviously. Each of these has their own great tastes and accolades but strangely, I think my favourite out of the three is the Scottish Breakfast. It’s strong, keeps you caffeinated, and yet, it’s light enough that it doesn’t make you feel like you became a tweaker without realizing it.

But I think the thing I love most about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf teas is that they’re all delicious. They don’t feel heavy or insanely caffeinated like other brands. They’re relaxing, which is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of tea at any point in time. Plus, their packaging is on point and incredibly sustainable too. I’ve used several of them as flower vases, toiletry holders, and more.

Scottish Breakfast: 5/5

English Breakfast: 4.5/5

Earl Gray: 4.8/5



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