Flying Horse Cafe – Liquid Culture

From the moment I walked into this cafe in downtown Dallas, I was in love. It reminds me so much of the cafes in Berkeley and Oakland, even a few in the PNW as well! And it’s understandable because they actually brew their beans in Emeryville, CA-just by Berkeley! So it’s reasonable nostalgia, right?

My mom and grandma were in town and we had just come back from the Farmer’s Market and weren’t ready to leave downtown yet so we decided to do some exploring near the library. And we actually stumbled upon this place near a fancy hotel my grandma used to stay in when she was in Dallas. We were hitting the afternoon slump and saw this place so we decided to go in and try it. And I’m so glad we did.

It’s definitely a little hipster but in a good way. You can definitely smell the caffeine as soon as you walk in. GIven that it was the afternoon & I wanted to sleep later, I decided to try their chai latte. They even brew their own blend on site! It’s sweet with a hint of spice, just the way a chai is supposed to be! It’s a great spot downtown in the lobby of a fancy building actually with their logo on top of it! Apparently it’s the horse from an old gas station from back in the day which blends past with present beautifully.

My mom & gramma had some of their teas and they didn’t disappoint either. Flying Horse Cafe is the perfect spot downtown to do some work while enjoying a great cup of caffeine. And it’s apparent that it’s a gathering place, there were friends catching up as well as first dates too.

I will definitely be back for more as well as to break up my routine of neighbourhood coffee shops. Mostly because they brew CA beans but also because it feels like home right as you walk in.



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