Blink-182 in July

I am BEYOND excited to say that I’m seeing one of my favourite bands, Blink-182, in July with my boyfriend at a pavilion near a funky part of town. And I have to admit, my inner teenager is stoked. A Day to Remember and All-American Rejects are opening so it’s going to be a nostalgia fest all around.

But it got me thinking. It’s been forever since I saw a band live and I was thinking of what makes a band phenomenal live. I think it’s the vibe from the stage and from the crowd. If you still know all the words a decade later and if the band is really authentically in love with the music themselves, then I think that’s what makes a band great live. I could care less about lip syncing or the douchiness of the crowd. I want a band to show me that they not only care about their fans but also that they’re doing what they love, even if they’ve already made it big.


And I think why I’m so excited to see Blink-182 live is because I haven’t had the chance to before. Even though they’ve changed lead singers, it’s going to be great seeing one of the most profound bands i listened to growing up on stage and mere yards away from me. We don’t have the best seats but we’re on an aisle and I’m fully planning on losing my voice and being sore the next day.

Good thing the concert’s on a Friday night! Get ready for a recap the weekend it happens and lots of photos on my Instagram @earlgraytimes.


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