Lazy Sunday at its finest

So I know I haven’t posted in about a week or so. The past few days have been incredibly hectic and I’ve been needing to do some much needed resting. So that brings me to my favourite part of the weekend – Sunday afternoon.

I know, I know. It’s Sunday. Shouldn’t we be gearing up for the upcoming week and trying not to freak out that tomorrow’s Monday? That’s at like 2AM when I wake up because I can’t sleep, not on Sunday afternoon when I can be in sweats with my favourite cup of tea and watching a much needed Netflix marathon. So here are my go to’s if you’re taking a day to relish in self care, caffeine, and otherwise all around goodness.

1. A good ol’ cup of tea. Preferably in your favourite mug. 

2. Your favourite movie or TV show. 

3. A playlist either on your computer, phone, or iPod. And preferably a sound system it connects to. 

4. A book.

5. A nice, refreshing face mask.

And finally…..drum roll please….

6. Get cozy in a blanket burrito. 

These are all great ways to celebrate you and rest up for a coming, sure to be crazy busy week. Of course, today’ll be sprinkled in with wishing my mom a Happy Mother’s Day and making sure she didn’t open her gift early. And hopefully, we’re all practicing some needed self care before we go back to work tomorrow!


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