So Fresh So Prince

I’m sure every generation looks fondly on the entertainment of their childhood, the shows, the music, the artists, etc, with an air of nostalgia and contentment. Even if by today’s standards, we might overlook them or think they’ve been far too overdone –when all along, today’s entertainment was inspired by those of a previous generation, as the previous has been as well. But I have to say, I’m quite digging the trend of #throwback posts and paying salutes to the shows that helped shape our childhood into the people we are today with a modern twist. And that may be part of the reason why I’m really digging the podcasts where they binge watch shows of our past and bond over it. And a few are actually already household names today.

We’ve all heard of a few of the bigger podcasts, like ‘Gilmore Guys’ or “Go Bayside”, who are rewatching the classics “Gilmore Girls” and “Saved by The Bell”. But did you know there was one for the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”? It’s called ‘So Fresh So Prince’ and is quite possibly the hidden gem of brilliance of similar podcasts. It follows Andrew Appel and Lorenzo Gordon as they rewatch every episode of the famed 90s’ show. They also comment on not only the episode itself but also what the cast is currently up to today. Like how Tatyana Ali got engaged and everyone thought it was because she was pregnant. Or when Lonely Island paid tribute to Will Smith, overalls and all. Every episode has nods to current and past pop culture relating to the cast and their take on every piece is spot on.


Currently, there are 41 episodes to date throughout the podcast, each just as hilarious as the former so it’s surprisingly difficult to choose a favourite episode as there are so many to choose from already, with more to come. But one recent episode stands out most especially.

Episode 39 is called “The First Carlton Dance and The Second Christmas Episode” and as the name suggests, Carlton does what becomes his signature dance move for the very first time. The whole episode is hilarious, there are Drake and The Weeknd hairline jokes, with finally some answers to the question “What does it really take to create creatively?” I love this episode for so many reasons but probably because it’s ridiculous. Also, I totally secretly wish I could do the dance so spot on that I could break it out at social gatherings. But me going to a family reunion and attempting the Carlton is a true story meant for another day and in a different mode of communication.

The podcast “So Fresh So Prince” is a must listen in terms of childhood nostalgia. It’ll make you giggle and cry a little, while realizing that the shows of the 90s really were the best. The intro song will make you dance as will the cohosts make you question your childhood in the best way. And not just because they’re talking about one of the most formidable shows of the 90’s that is a staple of our childhood but because they’re shedding light on just how applicable the themes, issues, and successes of the show are still quite relevant today. If you haven’t already, download this podcast and listen to it immediately-new episodes come out every Monday. I promise with every fiber of my soul made of overalls, plastic chocker necklaces, and Converse high tops that you won’t regret it.

“So Fresh So Prince” is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Listen to the most recent one here.




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