Oh, Prince.

There are very few artists that represent so much emotion for me as Prince does. He’s one of my go to’s for when I need driving music, when I want to blast something and just dance, or when I need a good cryfest. Prince is one of the few that I would go to and instantly just feel this wave of relief. It’s the same thing that happened when Whitney Houston passed away. I felt like a part of my heart went missing. Cliche and exaggerated? Potentially. But still so incredibly true.

So when I heard of his passing, my heart cracked, and I instantly put on two of my favourites “Little Red Corvette” and “When Doves Cry”. And I danced a little bit too because I’d like to think that’s what he’d like us to do at the end of the day. It also felt apt that the day after was Earth Day. It just felt right, though so many of us aree grieving for him.

And there have been a ton of nods and salutes towards one of the greatest musicians as of recently, but I truly think this just may take the cake. Live on, Prince. I hope it’s got some Purple Rain and a slew of doves up there for you.



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