Balancing in Heels by Kristin Cavalleri

Full disclosure, I love reality tv. It’s a terrible weakness and guilty pleasure. But something about watching somebody else’s life come to fruitation, be super dramatic, and completely idiotic makes me feel a little better about my own life. A little sadistic? Probably but I’m not losing sleep over it.

In late school and throughout college, there were two shows that stuck around and were always my go to’s for a good pick me up or a girl’s night in. And those were Laguna Beach and The Hills. Having grown up in California as well as  several generations of family living in Orange County and LA, I felt a special connection with the backdrop. And plus, it was nice to see somebody on the screen who was my age, and in my naive mind, going through the daily turbulence of growing up.

Now, long winded intro but bear with me. I hated Kristin Cavalleri. She was my least favourite on both shows and I couldn’t relate to her. I always was more of a Lauren Conrad fan-I feel like you had to pick sides then if you were team KCav or team LC. And I always chose the latter. But recently, I started following Cavalleri on social media – mostly when I moved to Chicago in hopes of running into her at brunch – and I gotta say, I’m warming up to the girl.

And when I moved to Dallas, I splurged on Amazon and bought myself some books, one of which being her new and first book. I’d also bought LC’s new book (coming up soon, promise!) and I figured, why not? She seems cool. And more polished than before. Granted reality tv can only show us so much of what a person’s life is actually like.

I finished this book in a day. It’s super easy, flies by, and it sheds light on what I feel like is  a struggle for a lot of people in their twenties. Our bodies are changing, we can’t eat junk all the time, and we wanna look fantastic. But how do we manage it when we’re crazy busy chasing day dreams?

Cavalleri makes it doable with real life stories and she even provides some insight into the famed LC/KCav rivalry! Really insightful stuff. I didn’t agree with all her suggestions or insights but it was nice to see what had helped her along the way and some closure from a fan’s perspective of what she was going through all those years glorifying our small silver screens.

I’d recommend it but also advise to take it with a grain of salt. It’s got a lot of really great ideas and insight but I’m still warming up to the real food phenomenon.


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