5 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To Right Now

I tend to go through phases where I have a few songs on repeat more so than what’s considered healthy. Then I won’t listen to them for a while and then I’ll start the cycle all over again. It’s totally vicious and I’m secretly alright with it. For now. Here are a few songs that I currently can’t stop listening to.

“Work From Home” Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

This song is incredibly catchy, a little dirty, and super danceable. No matter what                   mood I’m in, I’ll put this song and remember just why I want and have to hustle                     every day. Plus, it reminds me of the kind of man I want by my side for the long                       haul. And that while you may not go into an office every day, you still gotta put in the work to get what you want. Favourite Lyric: You don’t gotta go to work but you gotta put in work.

“YOUTH” Troye Sivan

Like “Work From Home”, I always get this song stuck in my head and it’s a little fun when in a playlist of slower songs. Plus, this guy’s voice is FANTASTIC. Favourite lyric: My youth is yours/Trippin on skies, sippin’ waterfalls.

“Tiring Game” John Newman

Clearly, I have a problem with songs that make you feel good and also make you wanna dance. Jon Newman is fun without making you feel like shit because the lyrics are kindof a downer while still making you believe in love. The beat in this song is proof that you can forget anything while you’re on the dance floor. Favourite lyric: Our love is just a tiring game/ I never want a thing to change. 

“My Favourite Thing” Ronald Isley feat. KEM

This song always slows things down for me and gets me in the mood to relax. It’s slow, a total jam, and perfect background music for cooking, relaxing, and more. And I can’t stop listening to it because it’s also just adorable and makes me feel all warm fuzzy inside. Favourite lyric: So if you met her on Facebook, Tweet me.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” Adele 

I freaking love Adele. She’s sassy, a total queen, and unbelievably talented. And this song feels so different than other songs she’s done before because it’s a clapback at a past lover-almost Taylor Swift-esque but with epic vocal chords. Well done, Adele. Can we be besties now? Favourite Lyric: Send my love to your new lover, treat her better, we’ve gotta let go of all of our ghosts, we both know we ain’t kids no more.

What are some songs you can’t stop listening to right now? Leave some below!


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