Tazo Tea

After I started drinking tea more regularly, I needed to find a brand to commit to that I could find easily and rather cheaply. But being 15, the monetary donation to my “Let’s get Dana caffeinated fund” largely fell on my parents, mostly my mom. And she actually found this brand because she gets the Kenya beans from Starbucks. Tazo will always have a special place in my heart and will always be a go to if I can’t find another brand or willing to try a new one.

As expected, my favourite has got to be the Earl Gray. But really, does that surprise anyone? Probs not. It’s not the best quality as the brand’s pretty much for the masses. Anyway, some other favourites include Awake and Zen – Awake is a great breakfast tea that gets your day going and Zen is a way to relax, it’s a green tea that I’m actually a little obsessed with. Probably my favourite thing I like about the brand, though, is the names of the tea.

Of course, there are the classics like Earl Gray or Chai, but there are a few others like Awake, Calm, or Zen that are really catching and not exactly what you’d expect.  You can usually find these at most any major supermarket or Target stores. They unfortunately stopped carrying them at Starbucks. Not sure why.

So go get caffeinated!



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