Peet’s Coffee & Tea

So there are two coffee chains that I love and frequent when I can. One is coffee bean & tea leaf when I’m in LA and the other is Peets Coffee & Tea when I’m in the bay. Both represent my homes in California and I finally found what seems to be the only Peets Coffee in Dallas. It’s in a Sheraton hotel lobby and I was hoping to do some work there but of course, it mostly caters to the hotel guests and patrons so A. there’s not much room and B. I doubt there was Wi-Fi specific to the coffee shop. But still, I am seriously a happy camper.

For those who haven’t been to a Peet’s before, the founder was actually partners with the guy who founded Starbucks but they split ways due to….let’s say….ideological differences of what a coffee shop should be. So Peet’s isn’t as frequently found as a Starbucks but each location seems to be as much of independence as a chain can be. And their coffee is fantastic. PLUS THEY HAVE MIGHTY LEAF TEA.  And we all know how I feel about some Mighty Leaf. Plus, the original Peet’s location is off the beaten path in Berkeley and is charming as can be.

I actually found this location by accident. I was looking for a different shop nearby but saw a lady carrying a fresh Peet’s cup so naturally, I had to google it on my phone and find it immediately. Naturally, I was only a block away from the Peets so I parked in the sketchy parking lot attached to the Sheraton and the rest is history.


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