Yogi Tea

It’s about time I talk about one of my favourite herbal teas on the market right now-and that’s basically all of the Yogi line. They’re light, delicious, and actually as soothing as they claim to be. My favourites right now are probably the Bedtime and Stress Relief right now, though Chai Black and Green Antioxidant are good secondary choices as well.

As some readers know, my mental health hasn’t always been the strongest over the years and I’ve tried a variety of things over the years to make it more manageable and tea has always been a great way to relax at the end of the day or if it’s been a rough one.

Probably the funnest thing about every tea bag is that on the end there’s a great little phrase that’s uplifting and resonates with creating a stable environment. Each one is supposed to be different, but i’ve had a few repeats over the months in which I’ve been drinking their stuff. I’m sure it’s a little difficult to ensure every one is different so it’s understandable.

Right now, I’m having a cup of Stress Relief while writing this-it’s a honey, lavender one and I put some lemon in it as well as I’ve been having some flu bug that’s been going around. If you haven’t had any of the Yogi line before, I totally suggest you pick some up. I’m not really into the whole ‘real food’ fad but I do try to keep everything in moderation and know where my food is coming from as best I can. And Yogi is a great medium for me because I love tea, it’s made from great places, and it’s super relaxing.

You can usually find them in most grocery stores but I’ve had the most luck at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, where there’s more of an emphasis on local and organic food. Now go go go!



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