Dallas Farmer’s Market

Growing up, my mom would take us to the local farmer’s market every weekend because “the produce was better than the supermarkets” and she was always a fan of supporting locally owned businesses and knowing where her food came from. This was before all the ‘real food’ nonsense. And while living in LA, the farmer’s markets were SO PRIME. It’s always been a natural thing to go to them on the weekends to relax, get great, locally farmed food, and to actually talk to the people who grew it.

Come to my surprise, just before I moved to Dallas, they opened up a great little spot that’s a mixture of outdoor and indoor space with phenomenal stuff to choose from. Like fish, beignets, raw honey, vegetables, etc. And it’s freaking adorable. Plus, while you’re walking up, there’s a great garden center with native plants and the like.

I think I’m obsessed. No, wait. Yes, I am in love with it. And fully plan on going back monthly, if not weekly. Only surprising part was that it was dog friendly. Never seen one that was before!

So basically, moral of the  story? I want all of the products here. It’s fantastic.



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