5 Ways You Know You’ve Found The Perfect Coffee Shop

In Chicago, Los Angeles, KCMO, and the San Francisco Bay Area, I have my go to coffee shops. The ones that it’s not a trip there unless I make at least one (preferably more) trip to visit and check in. Favourite drink in hand and chatting up the baristas I know if they’re still working there. And over the years, people have always asked, how do I find a good local coffee shop? How do I know if it’s the one for me? And HOW DO YOU GET COFFEE DISCOUNTS without a punch card? By no means am I suggesting you frequent a coffee shop for the perks but sometimes, it’s just an added bonus. And its always a nice feeling when the baristas remember you.

So here are my trips and tricks for getting the in at a coffee shop and how you know you’ve found the one for you.

  1. It’s convenient 

Whether it’s on the way to work, right around the corner from your home, or somewhere along the way, make sure it’s not terribly out of the way.

2. It has quality coffee you enjoy drinking. And you actually enjoy the baristas

Why go to a coffee shop more than once if it has crappy coffee? This one is a no brainer. Enjoy what you’re drinking, no matter what it is. And if the people behind the bar make you feel like dirt, their coffee probably tastes like it too. Don’t let the bastards get you down, ever.

3. If the circumstances were right, you could see yourself working there

The people are fun, the atmosphere is what you’re looking for, and it’s cozy as ever.


4. There’s seating you can actually use for more than five minutes.

But seriously. Does this bother anyone else? I hate coffee shops with terrible seating. What are they trying to make me do-leave? I want to enjoy the coffee you’re brewing and also get out of the house for a bit.

5. And most importantly, you have that warm fuzzy feeling whenever you walk in

You know the one I’m talking about. It’s almost like coming home but with better caffeine and free WiFi.

6. As a bonus, be polite and tip. 

This should go without saying but I’m always surprised by how many people are rude, especially in the coffee industry. Being polite in any food establishment is crucial. After all, they’re the ones making your drink or food of choice and I’d hate to piss them off. Plus, it’s funny just how far a little conversation and charm can go in any establishment.

And there you have it! That’s basically my guide to finding a coffee shop that I’ll frequent. I go mostly on the feeling and vibe I get from it more so than anything else and everybody’s looking for different things. But now, go forth and conquer some coffee shops! FInd your own and get to know your baristas. They have a lot


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