Sip Stir Café

This place is freaking adorable. So fresh & so clean, if you know what I mean…..except I don’t so that’s counterintuitive. Anyway. Stip Stir Cafe over in Uptown and West Village is a surprising find. If you know the area, West Village can seem a little….uppity. There’s lots of nice shops, great macaroons (yummmm), and a lot of high end apartments that I can’t afford just yet. But it’s clean, it’s nice, and all deserving of a great coffee shop like Sip Stir.

I’ve been sick recently so I just stuck with an old classic, earl gray tea. Not hard to guess, huh? Moving on. The presentation at this place is fantastic. It fits in perfectly in its respective neck of the woods with a classic interior design that’s both fresh, clean, and modern with nodes to that of an independent coffee shop you’d expect to find in a grungier part of town. But the tea was on par, perhaps some of the most cathartic i’ve found in town yet. I’m not sure what kind they use but I’m assuming it was probably fair trade organic as that seems pretty par for the course nowadays.

But it may be become my go to as I prefer the local shops over chains like Starbucks (Coffee Bean being the exception, as I’m obsessed and it seems to only be found in California). And if I’m in West Village doing some shopping, Sip Stir may have made me a customer to ever keep returning.

Plus, I stuck around to work on a few things and the barista even delivered my tea to the table I was sitting at. Talk about great customer service!



3 thoughts on “Sip Stir Café

  1. Local shops are almost always better than chains. This cafe looks and sounds completely adorable, hopefully I’ll be able to visit someday. 🙂


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