Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson

I’ve always loved her movies. She always seems so carefree and just fun to be around. And lately, I’ve been on a kick of reading books all about bettering myself, because frankly, I could use a little help with. And why not seek advice from women I look up to and admire? Kate Hudson is definitely on that list of celebrities I’d love to get coffee with and just discuss life with.

Her book wasn’t what I was expecting, to be honest. It was a simple, to the point book of how she transformed and actually started taking her health into her own hands. She makes it relatable and nothing like some other celebrities shove down your throat. And she makes it doable because she knows that loving yourself starts within you. It’s not something that’s a one size fits all as so many places are preaching more and more.

Plus, she’s all about that meditation and connecting with yourself on more than just a physical level. And I can totally vouch for the power of meditating-it’s totally helped my stress levels lately! Which is absolutely fantastic.

Plus, throughout the book, she has a ton of great questionaires to make what she’s talking about more applicable and you can really start looking at what makes you and your body happy. It’s pretty great stuff that’s both eye opening and informative. I love it. And I completely recommend it if you’re looking for ways to love yourself that are healthy instead of destructive.

Favourite Quote: Don’t wait for happy to happen



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