You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness & Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Long title, reasonably length book, and it’s quite possibly one of the best books I’ve read in a really long time. The hype about this book is true, everyone, and it needs to be in your library arsenal. Yes, it is technically a self-help book. Yes, it swears quite a bit. But I promise, it’s insanely difficult to put down and not once does it feel like it’s a self help book trying to change you to your truest core in one fell swoop. Or at least by the end of the book and until you’re waiting for the sequel to be released.

I’ve been known to be fraught with anxiety daily with a plethora of fidgeting habits to boot and I’ve always wanted to live better as well as be better because of it. But I always thought….well maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe next year. And while reading this book, it genuinely felt like Sincero was grabbing me by the shoulders, smacking me upside the head, and giving me the tools to actually live the life I wanted to. It’s absolutely awesome but words don’t really do how life altering this book is at its core.

And the best part? It isn’t condescending in the slightest, something I’ve found to be pretty frequent in self help lectures, booklets, and/or novels and whatever else is out there. And Sincero calls that out too. I feel like I’m part of a cult or something while typing all of this. But I kid you not, this stuff not only makes sense but it’s totally doable.

She also gives you real life examples of what and how to do it. It’s all about changing your mindset with baby sets and about loving yourself not because the world tells you to but because damn it, you deserve it.

And the funny thing is, even though you don’t know her, you believe her. Because she’s agreeing with all the things you’ve been telling yourself over and over again for years.

Favourite Quote: This is about your faith being greater than your fear 



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