Oak Lawn Coffee

Normally, I don’t fall in love with a coffee shop immediately. It takes me at least two trips. But Oak Lawn Coffee is something different entirely. It’s kindof a hole in the wall in the sense that it’s not over the top with a flashy giant sign that you’re used to with some independent coffee shops. It’s connected to a dog/animal boarding facility which made my fur baby crazy go in all sorts of gnarly directions. But that’s another story.

What I loved about this place is that it just breathed relaxation and hard work all at the same time. It wasn’t anything crazy or decked out in hipster glory. It relied on good coffee, great customer service, and an awesome looking bakery that I’ll have to try next time I stop in.

I didn’t even need an extra shot in my latte this time-just got a regular LAVENDER latte that was flippingĀ delicious. SO GOOD. was a little nervous that it’d be too sweet for me (strange to say, I know, but i don’t like my coffee to taste like candy). But it was that perfect blend of cozy with a little something extra. And I totally recommend.

I didn’t have much time to really spend and enjoy what was going on around but the thing I think I loved most about this spot, at least from a first go, is that even though it’s on a busy street in a great part of Dallas, it felt secluded enough that you felt like you could put your feet up and still get work done. It was lovely. I’ll have to try their tea next-it looked like they had a great selection too! Which meant it was a shop after my own heart. Let those palpitations begin-i think I’m feeling a flutter just thinking about it now.

Plus, I got a punch card so I can start going more and hopefully get a free drink! The baristas, at least the one I had, was adorable and wonderful. And whoever did his fair needs a seriously great tip for the dye job. It was #flawless.

Anyway. If you’re in the Oak Lawn neighbourhood of Dallas, you need to stop by here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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