DriveThru Starbucks

Whomever’s genius idea it was to create a coffee shop drive thru needs adequate compensation. And a standing ovation. Normally, I don’t go to Starbucks-mostly because I’m not a fan of the way they make their coffee and I can never get work done there-but in a pinch, it’ll do. On the way to the freeway, there’s a drivethru and this morning, I needed an extra wake me up. So i pulled in, ordered an extra shot latte, and it was so SO prime.

Though, normally, I’d much rather go somewhere else, I’m still looking for a coffee shop here in Dallas to frequent. And the fact that these exist anywhere is pure, absolute magic. If you havent had the chance to try drive thru coffee and you’re on the go, it’s seriously the best thing ever. Probably super expensive to operate but still.

Plus, the rad thing was, I actually got to video chat with the kid taking my order! Can you talk about technologically savvy or what? Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more and more of these pop up as I’m sure more and more people are in need of a quicker caffeine fix.

So recommend!



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