Ascension Coffee

So I’m finally mostly moved into my apartment in Dallas, save for a few books and art pieces, and I decided to venture out into the coffee shop scene to stake out where I’d become a regular. Bring on Ascension Coffee. It’s so fancy, they have a valet. And actually fancy brunch. I’m talking nice plates, sustainable art, the works. It’s like hipster paradise here but if hipsters admitted their hipsterhood and decided to make a profit off coffee. But anyway.

So far, I’ve just tried their coffee and lemme tell you, it’s strong. Granted, I added a shot (of expresso! geez…) but it’s going to hit me like a freight train soon. And I cannot wait. But I’m not sure if it’ll be the spot I frequent. Maybe because I don’t feel quite fancy enough for it or because it’s in the Design District of Dallas, which almost seems too fancy to function. But maybe one day, I’ll be able to afford a coffee table here. Even if it’s on sale.

But anyway. I will give the spot this. It’s clean, super cute ‘for here’ cups, and great caffeine. Their latte art is absolutely¬†fantastic. I love the art on the walls and it seems like they also have local music showcases weekly, which is awesome! Maybe next time I’ll come here for brunch and it’ll change my mind. For now, the coffee will keep me going. And I have a feeling I won’t be needing another cup anytime soon today. Which, for a caffeine fiend, that’s a rarity but always welcome.




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