Coffee Time-Kansas City, MO edition

Ever since my parents moved to Kansas City, MO, I’ve been dying to find a quality coffee shop that reminded me of something homegrown and local while still having a great flavour and inexplicable vibe to it. Bring in The Roasterie, in the city’s Brookside district just off 63rd and Ward Parkway. They have a fancier spot where they roast all their beans elsewhere and is more of a factory feel to it but this one is still industrial looking while still maintaining all the qualities of a local coffee shop you want to frequent.

If you go there often enough, the baristas will learn your name as well as your go to order, and they make their coffee with a sense of compassion and need for perfection. The coffee itself if you take it black is a little light for my taste but it sure makes a great latte or cappuccino. Plus, they have an assortment of goodies too to rep the shop like lunchboxes, mugs, and even a BBQ sauce too. Strange, I know, but it somehow works.



About a year or so ago, they upgraded their menus now so that they’re on four or five TVs just behind the register. It gives it a great, clean feel and usually, every Sunday morning, there’s a ton of churchgoers speaking about the service and not wanting to leave each other yet. But come hear early, or during an afternoon lull because often, it’s tough to find a table.

Also, they have a cinnamon & honey that i really want to try before I head down to Texas to make a name for myself. Maybe I’ll grab one before I go. So moral of the story? Check out The Roasterie if you’re ever in Kansas City and you’ll find a homegrown coffee shop that combines both Midwestern Charm and big city  dreaming.


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