Argo Earl Gray Tea

This stuff is highly, highly addictive. It’s SO GOOD. Like, real good. I know it’s probably a chain version of earl gray tea that you could get somewhere locally but whatever. It’s a guilty pleasure and it’s got a great kick to it. But Argo has several stores around the country and their loose leaf tea is to die for.

But lemme talk about their earl gray. It’s got lavender and bergmot in it, it’s smooth, and apparently, it’s even highly caffeinated. Perfect mix, if you ask me. I usually put a few pinches into an infuser, boil the water, and combine the two. Voila-you’ve got perfection in a cup. Now if you put anything in your tea, I’ve only tried it with honey and think it’s a pretty good blend of flavours. Not sure about anything else.


Anyway. Part of the reason why I love earl gray tea so much is because it’s the first real tea I had so some of it is just pure nostalgia for that first cup of caffeine I ever had. And supposedly, this canister can make up to 45 cups of tea but really, it depends on how strong you like to make your caffeine. And honestly, I like mine pretty damn strong.

If you’re in the market for a good, simple tea that packs a kick, look no further than this earl gray. This is the second or third one I’ve picked up and am looking to try a few more kinds as well. It’s perfect for a cold day where you’re kicking it by the fire or warming up in a blanket next to that special someone.



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