Bunny MicroBakery

First of all, can I say that this bakery is one of the things I miss about Chicago? I’m so sad it opened just before I left because their food is absurdly delicious. I first tried some of their stuff while at a coffee shop (hey Bowtruss! still love your coffee) and fell in love. Also happened to meet one of the owners while I was there working and we got into a great discussion about locally grown food, the power of quality chefs, and why the fuck it’s so cold in Chicago 85% of the time. How rude.

Anyway, I stopped by Bunny just before I left because it’s a tiny hole in the wall spot and I wanted to see what it actually looked like internally before I headed south. And let me tell you, this place is about to get hopping I’m sure. Since I might as well have a mouth full of sweet teeth, I spotted their glazed donuts in the display and fell in love immediately But the kicker? The glaze was infused with….wait for it….whiskey. Yeah, whiskey. Who knows what kind, I don’t care frankly, but it gave the delicacy just an extra hint of kick that you can’t find much elsewhere.

Though the bakery may be small, it’s still freaking adorable. They’re still in their beginning stages, I think, so they’re still decorating. But they’re in a great part of the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighbourhoods, just off Broadway and Oakdale. And it’s just plain cute. I think one of the owners is a fancy smancy chef who has a killer restaurant in downtown Chicago that I never could get into. But anyway.

If you are in Chicago, specifically near Broadway & Diversey, and need a quick pick me up, go here. Its fucking delicious. And the people who work there are the chillest hipsters in the best way. It’s wonderful


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