Next Door Coffee Shop

So Wednesday  was my last day in Chicago. Yesterday, movers came to most of my stuff in a van. Next time I’ll see it, I’ll be in my apartment in Dallas and starting a new job. So it felt appropriate to spend the morning at the first coffee shop I frequented when I first moved here. First Door.

The great thing about this spot is that it’s a space coupling coffee and financial planning. Backed by State Farm, Next Door blends two things into one, uniting them seamlessly. Its not often you think finance while drinking coffee but strangely, it works. They have a giant chalkboard on one wall, highlighting FREE classes that are coming up that are all about personal branding, community work spaces, and how to work WordPress appropriately.

Plus, they use Bowtruss coffee! Which is just a huge bonus for me. It’s a cozy little spot and they change up where all their seating is almost weekly, if not more. It’s a cozy little spot with giant windows that open up when it’s not freezing out or when you’re sweating your face off in July. It’s a lovely spot and strangely, I’m sad to leave it.

But hopefully, I’ll be able to find a similar one in Dallas where they can combine my love of caffeine with my need to be a better financial planner. Here’s to you, 2016. May you be filled with great caffeine as well as a stronger credit score. Learn more about them here and if you’re in Chicago, they’re off Diversey, next to Trader Joes. It’s fabulous.



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