Wildflower by Drew Barrymore

Though not my favourite book I’ve read, I could still hear Drew Barrymore and the little I know about her reading it out loud. Every word I read, I heard in her valley girl voice. And for that, I give her immense credit. She’s been involved in Hollywood for decades-even had a starring role in E.T. for Christ’s sake-and has had our emotions in a rollercoaster ever since.

Wildflower, I believe, is her first book, though I’m sure not her last. It seemed so genuinely authentic and with such a level of it unfounded in many other novels, let alone memoirs about famous Hollywood people. She’s seen a lot over the years and has a multitude of stories to tell. Throughout reading the book, I felt cozy. I felt like a mother was telling a story-acknowledging the negative parts but focusing more so on the positive and on the light. And true life, Drew Barrymore’s a mother of two now.


The memoir chronicles stories Drew Barrymore lived through to tell about and some involve a Bronco, an apartment gate, raw pancakes, and a Grecian cruise. I can’t tell you which are related but get ready. The book’s a trip and a half, that’s for sure.

Only major dislike was that it, at times, seemed a little disheveled or haphazard-i never know the difference between those words-but maybe this gave way to a feeling of more authenticity. Maybe I’ll never know.

Favourite Quote: But as I look back, that crying woman taught me how to approach everything in life. Acting or otherwise. Be authentic. Be yourself. And most important of all…make it personal.  




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