Bowtruss Coffee Roasters

If you’ve met me in person, you know how much I love my local coffee shops. The more independent the better. But that doesn’t mean i don’t slip and go for my guilty pleasures at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I just love the atmosphere of a local, independent coffee shop. Maybe for the same reason I love a good independent book store. They seem more excited about what they’re doing, it seems more of a passion than at a large, corporate change. And since living in Chicago, Bowtruss has slowly become one of my favourite shops to frequent. Mostly because the coffee’s strong and the people are nice. Plus, they know my order now and my name! Something I can’t say for the larger chains in my neighbourhood or elsewhere.

Usually, my go to is some form of latte with non fat or 2% milk, potentially a flavour like vanilla or hazelnut, and then, I usually take it in a sustainable “for here” mug. Mostly for the nostalgia factor, like I’m enjoying some fancy coffee at home for once, but also so I can feel like my carbon footprint is sort of decreasing. #sustainable sortof. Anyway.

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I know, technically, Bowtruss has more than one location but each location I’ve been to seems to have the same vibe. Like it’s an independent one, in business for the love of coffee and small tips. Treat your baristas well, guys, they after all have the power over your caffeine. And we all need something to pick us up in the morning.

So if you’re in an area where there’s a Bowtruss Coffee Roasters or even spot their beans at your local coffee house, get some. Buy a bag, buy seven, or even buy a dozen cups of coffee at one of their brick & mortars. Or buy a bag of beans here on their website. I promise you won’t regret it. Their coffee is almost heavenly.




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